Welcome To Srishty Garden Resorts

Srishty Garden Resorts the nature lovers paradise, is a pictureseque spot adjacent to Thirukootamalai [Hills] in courtallam. The resorts is just 500 meters from the old Courtallam falls. When the heat is on, and the time to get away from the crowd, come for a rendezvous with nature. Inhale the bracing mountain air, relax in peace, stroll down the winding paths, marvel at the beautiful views. Enjoy the profusion of flowers in bloom. Srishty is an excellent health resorts with the fine blend of traditional Indian culture and heritage with authentic Indian cuisine. The picturesque surrounding with the backdrop of cloud-capped spurs of the Western Ghats lends an unusual charm to the falls. The rapturous scene of the falls gets heightened by the cool breeze that wafts along with intermittent drizzle and sunshine. There are places where herbal water pours down torrentially with varying velocity of the precipice. They are Old Falls, Main falls, Five falls, Tiger falls, Chembakadevi falls, Honeyfalls, and New falls.

Nearest Falls